Small and Medium Enterprises Association (SAMENTA) Malaysia [Persatuan Pengusahaan-Pengusahaan Kecil dan Sederhana (SAMENTA) Malaysia] was registered on 12th November 1986 with the Registra of Societies

    Small and Medium Enterprises Association (SAMENTA) Malaysia is a non-profit organization and hereinafter known as SAMENTA in the market.

    SAMENTA was founded in 1986 by group of local enterpreneurs to represent the interest of SMEs with the following aims and objectives.
    Left: Business matching @ Thailand
    To assist, promote and develop small and medium enterprises from the Northern Region of Malaysia
    To collect and disseminate information on products, technology, machinery, government guidelines and the economic environment for its members
    Business card exchange with the Chief Minister of Penang
    Asean India Forum @ New Delhi
    To identify new business opportunities for local investor
    To provide human resource development for small and medium enterprise
    Today, SAMENTA is recognized for its roles in fostering the development and promotion of SMEs especially in the State of Penang and in the Northern Region. They have also established Liasion office in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Johore Baru and will be expanding their network nationwide.

    SAMENTA caters to a wide spectrum of enterprises ranging from medium-sied hi-tech and precision oriented manufacturing concern to small-sized food processing cottage industry and from service-oriented companies to those involved in trading activities.

    SAMENTA is also represented in several key public and private sectors committees which formulate plans and recommendation for the development and promotion of SMEs
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