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Founded in 1986

The founding members of SAMENTA were mainly SMEs that made up the supply chain of Malaysia’s vibrant semiconductor industry.

Since then, whilst our membership has diversified, we have stayed true to our roots, with members mainly from the engineering, industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Our Members by Sectors


Metalworking, machinery, tools & other engineering and industrial sectors.


Packaging, processing & other manufacturing sectors.



Involved in

over 100

trade programmes globally.


SAMENTA has organised and participated in over 100 trade missions, trade fairs, business matching and other trade programmes around the world, working with government bodies, trade promotion organisations and other like-minded NGOs.

Key Milestones Since 1986

SAMENTA has been steadily bringing members to global standards by

  • exploring new export markets,
  • creating business opportunities,
  • widening network,
  • recognising excellence, and establishing partnerships for technical cooperation.
  • 2002

    Trade Programmes

    Launch of trade programme by organising and participating in international trade missions, trade fairs and business matching activities.

  • 2004

    SME Business Directory

    Launch of annual business directory for easier and updated access to Malaysian SMEs and official statistics.

  • 2008

    SME100 Awards

    Launch of annual awards recognising top 100 fast growing SMEs each year.

  • 2012

    Central Region

    Launch of Central Region branch.

  • 2014

    Southern Region

    Launch of Southern Region branch.

  • 2018

    Advisory Services

    Formed advisory, financial and business insight services.

News & Articles

HIDE is an opportunity for businesses to get things right

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SMALL and Medium Enterprises Association (Samenta) Malaysia welcomes the Hotspots Identification for Dynamic Engagement (HIDE) system…

Oriental daily – /survey-status-quo-SMEs

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(吉隆坡26日讯)马来西亚中小企业商会(SAMENTA)于今年1月进行了一项“我国中小企现状”(State of our SMEs)的调查,结果显示54%的中小企业的销售额在2020年受到负面影响,只有30%的中小企业的销售额在2020逆行增长。 该会政策与政府关系部主席拿督吴恩明今日发文告指出,这实际上比预期的要好,因为一些行业,如医疗设备、电子,物流和电子商务已经从大流行中受益。 “大流行和随之而来的封锁对大多数中小企业造成了严重破坏。当中旅游、建筑、活动和零售等行业受到直接负面冲击,一些行业的盈利甚至减少了高达70%以上。” “然而,也有一些从中获利的赢家,特别是那些从封锁期间中直接受惠的行业,以及那些急中生智,转型其它领域的企业。” 他说,在政府推出的多项措施中,中小企认为工资补贴计划最有帮助,受惠的中小企占70%。特别援助金(SRF)等各种软贷款也发挥了关键作用,帮助资金紧张的中小企业度过了最严峻的封锁期间。   10%中小企业在2020年裁员 他表示,有了政府补助和措施,加上一些中小企业的灵活表现,只有10%的中小企业在2020年裁员,另外只有7%的中小企业预计在2021年进一步裁员。 “考虑到现今仍处于具挑战性的经济环境和缓慢的全球疫苗推广计划,大多数中小企业(75%)认为2021年的业务前景处于一般或不好。61%的受访者预计到2021年第四季度才会复苏,28%的受访者预计到2022年才会好转。” “这种负面情绪都是因为我国政策不确定性导致,尽管疫苗已经推出,而且首相也承诺大家未来不会再有任何全面的行动管制令。尽管我们的初衷是好的,无论是为了经济复苏还是为了保障马来西亚人民的健康,这些政策的推出往往被视为过于急促和考虑不当,标准操作程序是在重大政策宣布后几天或几周才宣布的。” 有鉴于此,他希望政府在决定任何政策之前,做好与民间社会互动协调的准备。更重要的是,以开放的心态参加这些互动会议,而不是仅仅把这些会议作为他们下决定的行程。 他也说,作为国家历史最悠久的中小企业协会,马来西亚中小企业商会将继续为中小企业发言,勇敢向政府提出任何关于中小企业面对的问题,绝不偏袒任何一方。与此同时,该会将继续扮演中介机构与中小企业沟通的桥梁,及时为他们提供意见。  …

Senior Lim: M’sia can do better in managing COVID-19, enforcing SOP

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OUR country is struggling between bringing the third COVID-19 wave – the longest in the world…


7.2% Growth

Malaysia’s SMEs GDP recorded a strong growth at 7.2% which exceeded Malaysia’s GDP (5.9%) in 2017.

17.3% Export Share

The share of SMEs exports to total national exports registered 17.3% in 2017.

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