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Founded in 1986

The founding members of SAMENTA were mainly SMEs that made up the supply chain of Malaysia’s vibrant semiconductor industry.

Since then, whilst our membership has diversified, we have stayed true to our roots, with members mainly from the engineering, industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Our Members by Sectors


Metalworking, machinery, tools & other engineering and industrial sectors.


Packaging, processing & other manufacturing sectors.



Involved in

over 100

trade programmes globally.


SAMENTA has organised and participated in over 100 trade missions, trade fairs, business matching and other trade programmes around the world, working with government bodies, trade promotion organisations and other like-minded NGOs.

Key Milestones Since 1986

SAMENTA has been steadily bringing members to global standards by

  • exploring new export markets,
  • creating business opportunities,
  • widening network,
  • recognising excellence, and establishing partnerships for technical cooperation.
  • 2002

    Trade Programmes

    Launch of trade programme by organising and participating in international trade missions, trade fairs and business matching activities.

  • 2004

    SME Business Directory

    Launch of annual business directory for easier and updated access to Malaysian SMEs and official statistics.

  • 2008

    SME100 Awards

    Launch of annual awards recognising top 100 fast growing SMEs each year.

  • 2012

    Central Region

    Launch of Central Region branch.

  • 2014

    Southern Region

    Launch of Southern Region branch.

  • 2018

    Advisory Services

    Formed advisory, financial and business insight services.

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7.2% Growth

Malaysia’s SMEs GDP recorded a strong growth at 7.2% which exceeded Malaysia’s GDP (5.9%) in 2017.

17.3% Export Share

The share of SMEs exports to total national exports registered 17.3% in 2017.

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