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  • Bantuan Khas Kewangan (BKK) of RM 1,000 for SMEs
samenta March 10, 2021 0 Comments

In view of our proposal to YAB Chow Kon Yeow, the State government has approved a one-off grant of RM 1,000 each for 1,000 SMEs to help finance the effort to digitalise their operations by embarking on a B2B platform.

SAMENTA is very grateful for the financial assistance from the Penang State Government and is honored to be chosen to lead this digitalization initiative. We areworking closely with Digital Penang and have selected 4 local B2B platforms to be on the panel.

As we are receiving public funds, we have to ensure that the grant is utilized for its intended outcome. To ensure the efficacy of the grant, we have compiled a List of Criteria (see attached) to determine that only those which are eligible would be considered.

This funding should serve as a catalyst to spur our Penang SMEs to embrace the Digitalisation Journey. It is not the end of all but, a start for those who are still waiting to digitalise their business. The necessity to pivot and transform becomes more urgent as SMEs have to adapt to the New Norm. There would also be other programmes that would be rolled out by Digital Penang and SMEs should watch that space closely for more information.

The grant would be approved on a first come first served basis subject to the Eligibility Criteria being met. We urge you all to submit your application the soonestpossible as only the first 1,000 approved SMEs would be eligible for the grant.

Once again, SAMENTA wishes to express our utmost appreciation to YAB Chow and the Penang State Government for showing leadership and responding to the appeals of our SMEs.

Criteria for Application

    1. Applicants must be Penang-based company (registered business address in Penang)
    2. Must be SME as defined by SME Corp. SME Definition
    3. Registered with a local B2B platform with a track record of at least 1 year
    4. The Digital Platform Providers are:
      4.1 Averest
      4.2 Bixzee
      4.3 MineBizs
      4.4 SME Business Online
      4.5 Exabytes
      4.6 Big Domain
      4.7 Lazada
      4.8 eBox
      4.9 Zoewebs
      4.10 Newpages B2B
      4.11 Boostorder
      4.12 Food Market Hub
      4.13 Weitizen
      4.14 Inno Hub
      4.15 Equilibrium Solution
      4.16 VeecoTech
      4.17 eintergrity
      4.18 CLICKBINAR
      4.19 Operion
      4.20 SMERV
      4.21 Others (other Digital Platform Providers can also be eligible)

Conditions for Disbursement

  1. Show proof of receipt or written confirmation that they have signed up with B2B platform.
  2. We will verify with B2B platform.
  3. Digital Penang will vet the approved applications.
  4. Approval will be on First Come First Served basis. Once the 1,000 applications have been approved and funds disbursed, the project will be ended.
  5. The approved grant will be transferred directly into the applicants’ Bank Account by BPEN.


Application Process


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