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  • “SAMENTA Takes Bangkok: Bringing the Best of Malaysia to Bravo Mall! “
samenta October 10, 2023 0 Comments

October 10th, SAMENTA’s Digitalisation Committee and Retail, F&B Committee, led by Christopher Ng and Timothy Liew, embarked on a strategic mission to Bravo Mall in Bangkok. This exciting venture signifies a bold step towards bridging the gap between Malaysia’s vibrant local brands and the bustling retail scene of Thailand’s capital.

Opening Doors to New Opportunities:

The visit to Bravo Mall wasn’t just a sightseeing trip; it was the start of a fruitful collaboration aimed at showcasing the best of Malaysian retail and F&B to Thai consumers. This partnership holds immense potential to accelerate the growth of both economies, opening new doors for Malaysian businesses to expand their reach and connect with a wider audience.

Why Bravo Mall?

Bravo Mall, positioned in the heart of Bangkok, boasts a dynamic and diverse clientele, making it the perfect platform for Malaysian brands to gain traction. With its focus on trendy fashion, delicious food, and vibrant entertainment, the mall aligns perfectly with the dynamic spirit of Malaysian entrepreneurs.

Beyond Borders:

This initiative reflects SAMENTA’s unwavering commitment to empowering Malaysian businesses. By fostering cross-border collaborations and partnerships, the organization paves the way for local brands to thrive on the international stage. The Bangkok excursion is a testament to this dedication, offering tangible opportunities for Malaysian businesses to expand their footprint and achieve regional success.

Stay Tuned for Exciting Developments!

The journey to bring Malaysian brands to Bravo Mall is still in its early stages, but the prospects are incredibly promising. SAMENTA remains committed to providing its members with the tools and resources they need to succeed, and this exciting venture is just one example of that commitment.

We encourage you to stay tuned for further updates on this developing partnership. As the collaboration unfolds, we’ll be sharing exciting news about the Malaysian brands coming to Bravo Mall and the impactful outcomes this initiative will bring.

Together, let’s celebrate the power of collaboration and witness the rise of Malaysian brands on the global stage!