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  • ” SDEC 2023: SAMENTA Takes Center Stage”
samenta October 19, 2023 0 Comments

October 19th, 2023, marked a day of intense discussions, innovative ideas, and valuable connections at the Selangor Smart City & Digital Economy Convention (SDEC). Among the prominent participants were members of SAMENTA, who actively engaged in the event, making their presence known through impactful delegate visits and a thought-provoking panel discussion moderated by Datuk William Ng.

Delegate Visits: Expanding Networks, Sharing Expertise

SAMENTA members embarked on targeted delegate visits, strategically connecting with key industry players at SDEC. These insightful interactions fostered knowledge sharing, collaboration opportunities, and potential partnerships. SAMENTA delegates actively participated in workshops, explored exhibition booths, and engaged in meaningful conversations, further strengthening the organization’s position as a leading advocate for sustainable business practices in Southeast Asia.

Datuk William Ng Takes the Stage: Moderating a Critical Conversation

Adding to SAMENTA’s impactful presence at SDEC, Datuk William Ng expertly moderated a panel discussion on a crucial topic. His seasoned leadership and insightful questions steered the conversation towards actionable solutions and inspired the audience to embrace innovative approaches within the digital economy landscape.

A Legacy of Knowledge and Collaboration

SAMENTA’s participation at SDEC 2023 transcended mere attendance. The active delegate visits, coupled with Datuk William Ng’s moderating role, solidified the organization’s commitment to:

Bridging the gap between industry sectors and fostering collaboration.
Promoting the exchange of knowledge and best practices.
Contributing to the development of a sustainable and thriving digital economy.
Stay Tuned for Future Endeavors!

SAMENTA’s active involvement in events like SDEC showcases its dedication to empowering businesses and driving positive change. We encourage you to stay tuned for upcoming initiatives and events where SAMENTA will continue to advocate for sustainable practices and champion the success of its members.

Together, let’s build a dynamic and sustainable future for Southeast Asia’s digital economy!