1986 – 2021

35 Years of Championing SME Development

Small and Medium Enterprises Association of Malaysia (Persatuan Pengusahaan-Pengusahaan Kecil dan Sederhana Malaysia) was registered on 12 November 1986 with the Registry of Societies Malaysia. As Malaysia’s first association of SMEs, we continue to champion the development of SMEs in Malaysia.


Inculcating The Entrepreneurial Spirit

  • To assist, promote and develop SMEs across Malaysia.

Trade Promotions

  • To identify and develop new markets, business opportunities and establish ties for SMEs.
  • To organise and participate in trade missions, trade fairs and business matching events around the world.

Technical & Productivity Developments

  • To collect and share useful information on products, technology, machinery, facilities, guidelines, policies and economic environment.
  • To provide consultancy and advisory services on financial, technical, marketing and management issues.

Champion, Advocate & Liaison

  • To serve as an effective communication channel for SMEs.
  • To liaise with government bodies on policy matters.
  • To put a stake in the ground on SME issues.


To provide an Integrated & Unique platform for Business & Entrepreneurial Development.


The Trusted Business Association for SME & Beyond.

Addressing the pain points of SMEs through a quadripartite pillars of:

Policy Consultation

Market Access

Business Amplification

Capacity Building


Since 2002, SAMENTA has organised and participated in over 100 trade missions, trade fairs, business matching and other trade programmes around the world, working with government bodies, trade promotion organisations and other like-minded non-governmental organisations.