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Digitalisation Roadmap

3-Parts Roadmap

Enabling SMEs to digitalise their business for significant growth

Benefiting Parties

SAMENTA members
SMEs in Malaysia
Malaysian Government
Malaysian Provider

SMEs don’t know what they don’t know

They know that digitalisation is important after the pandemic to be pandemic-proof but do not know how to do it or where to start

To Identify Gaps

  • Provide comprehensive solutions
  • Activate solution providers
  • Track progress
  • Report success
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    Embark on Your Digital Transformation Journey With Us!

    The Results


    Digital Transformation Journey

    Go B.I.G with Digital

    Digital Platform Network+

    Digital Adoption

    Proof of Concept (POC)

    Digital Platform Network +

    SAMENTA is one of the Digital Productivity Nexus Governing Committee. In line with the New Industrial Masterplan 2030 (NIMP), MPC has introduced Digital Solution Directory in 2021 as an initiative under the “Go B.I.G. with Digital” by Digital Productivity Nexus (DPN) to provide selection of digital solutions based on the requirement based on business operation.

    This Directory aims to accelerate digital technology adoption among the businesses hence increase productivity of the businesses.

    In 2023, MPC further accelerate the initiative by establishing Digital Platform Network+, as a one stop centre to increase productivity through digitalization.