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SAMENTA Membership Application

How to Apply?

1. Log in to Membership Application Form

Member Application Form

Apply for a membership here, or via our QR Code.

2. Fill up the Membership Application form.

First, Select the Membership Region you applying:
(Must select a region first in order to see the bank account information for each region.)

Section A: Complete the company details.

Section B: Complete the Company Representative Details. Company is allow to change the representative personal. Also you may add another contact person if you have an personal assistant who help to manage your contacts and emails.

Section C: Select your business Type and Industry your company is representing.

Section D: Select the type of membership you would like to apply for and the Total Application fee will be shown.

Section E: This section will only appear when you have selected the Applying Membership Region as below:

Section F: You are required to provide the valid company or organization registration supporting documents to ensure your company or organization is a SME in Malaysia.

Section G: Company to declare that all information provided is accurate before submission. Please take note that Membership Application process may take up to two (2) weeks for processing

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